Spicy, crunchy and garlicky chilli sauce. Use it as a table sauce in moderate quantities (unless you can handle the HEAT!) or add it to complement your cooking.

Produced in the UK by Mexican hands following true Mexican traditions. All the ingredients are of natural nature.  Salsa does not contain preservatives.

Salsa Macha 260 g

  • Energy

    728 kcal

    2993 kJ


      of which saturates

    74.10 g

    11.23 g


      of which sugar

    15.20 g

      0.70 g

    Protein 6.60 g
    Salt 0.15 g

    Typical values per 100 g

  • Blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of European Union origin (57%), garlic (14%), chilli flakes (11.5%), pumpkin seeds (8.4%), sunflower seeds (3.8%), golden linseeds (1.9%), brown linseeds (1.6%), sesame seeds (1.5%).